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London Mudmeet 2003

My third time in London and yet again I don't take as many pics as I wish I had, so I took 7-8 pictures at home (last pic. is one).
Hold the mouse on an image to see the text and click to see it larger.
Please note that I am not a professional photographer and nor do I have an intelligent camera!
I'm also too lazy/bad at editing the photos to do anything with them right now.

Kana, Xytehnium, Ceres (hiding) and Belle--Guard!--One jealous guy, one happy guy. I'm not saying who is who ;-)--The Tower of London--One home of the Queen--Outside the Tower of London--A bridge!--Neraida and Rondros, my favourite germs! Eh, I mean Germans--Sini, Neraida, Vermillion and Kkkaos--Figwort and Airk--Kana, Juan, Xythenium and Sprudleglut--Presto, Saffra and Dogbolter--Cold, Sini and Airk--I just asked for one pic. The previous one!--Ukko, Kana and Danbala--Rondros, Airk and Neraida--Thoin and Grim--Wirble, Mental, Lucifer and Tomas. No idea what they are up to...--The Happy Club! Tomas, Barbarian, Xythenium, Carino, Juan, Sasquatch and on floor is Glide.--Sasquatch and Kana--Belairk

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March 2003