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Discworld MUD - 10 years - London 2002

Bah! This time I wanted to have my photos on a CD as well, to make it easier doing this here thing, but they forgot it :-p
So once again I've had to wrestle with my scanner and some programs to get this together...
At least I got a few more pics this time! Hmm, does everyone think they look silly in pictures, or is it just me?
Well, let's get started, eh?

Early Friday evening with Djewel, Cold, Ceres and me!

Friday in the Hotel, a bunch of people.

Me with some strange expression while Lanfear is looking more relaxed.

Surrounded by liaisons!
Kaea, me and Lucifer (nice T-shirt ;-) ).

Dogbolter and Tilly.

Don't we look silly!
Pinkfish, me and Ellaron.

Belcar tells us it's time to announce the winner of the "name the frog" competition on the Mudmeet page!
And the winner is...

And the name of the frog?

The, what's-it's-called wheel thingie...ah, Eye of London!
Bloody big, isn't it?

The Eye again.
This view looked a lot more impressive standing there though...

The glass-sculpture in the entrance to a museum we visited.
(I keep forgetting what it's called..)

Saturday at the Pub, with many people.
(Mostly sides and backs of Sojan, Miv, Nevvyn, Sasquatch, Belle, Ukko, Pepsi and Quala.)

Still at the pub.
Grim, Gunnlag and some others.

Presto and me, looking like we have a good time.
Ukko messing in the background.

Sasquatch, Candlewhiff and Magpie.


Labels, before it got out of hand...
Aiwendil, Danbala, me, Terry and Kissaki.

Sunday. Only the bravest remain!

We end with a happy couple - Belle and Ceres.

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March 2002