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A few pics from the UK Mud Meet 2000:

After a death-defying struggle with a camera, a film, a scanner, a photeditor and some html code, here's what's left:
(If you would ever happen to see me at a Mud Meet please remind me to use my camera! I should have taken more pics...)

Siel, Daza, (Eben), Dogbolter, Gunnlag and Tilly starring in "A flash from above"

Pica, Airk(me) and Siel
(Special appearance by Tilly on the left)

Ellaron (It's the photo that's a bit askew, really, it is)

Rooster, Airk(me), Mir and Aiwendil
(Dan the Man cowering in the corner)

Dan the Man, Turrican, Dogbolter (in desperate need of alcohol), Magpie and Candlewhiff

Sasquatch and what's left of the fluffy bunny

Eben and Ocean...

Lemming, Reflex and a Koala Quala

Belcar (Thanks for the hotel bookings man!)

Tilly wearing the fluffy bunny ears

Magpie, Candlewhiff and Turrican

Dinner after visiting the ZOO on Sunday:
Magpie, Aiwendil, Siel, Tilly, Candlewhiff and Airk(me)

More Mud Meet 2000 photos:
UK Meet - Photos by Candlewhiff
UK Meet - Photos by Sasquatch
UK Meet - Photos by Kthala
Seattle Meet - Photos by Lanfear
Sydney Meet - Photos by Vermillion, edited by others (*winks at Raenne*)

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February 2000