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'GothMeet2002'- Gothenburg,Sweden

We have had some small meets in Gothenburg with just us living here, but we wanted to have a bigger and badder one with people coming from other places. On the 17-18 of August we had the meet and we were 10 people - 9 Swedes and one Norweigan. Would have been nice with people from further away too, but at least we could all stick to our main language ;-p We spent most of Friday evening sitting at a pub, drinking and talking. These are pictures from Saturday, when we went to a large amusement park in Gothenburg, called Liseberg. We went on some rides, competed on some games, tried to win stuff on the wheels and had some refreshments. Don't forget to see Flatlines pictures as well!

We have all arrived and are standing at the gates of Liseberg, ready to begin the second day of the meet.
(Kara, Kana, Sprudleglut, Mono, Filey, Petal, Danbala, Grim and Flatline.)

Of course we had to take a break pretty early and get some liquid into us...
(Grim, Petal, Flatline, Danbala, Kana, Mono, Sprudleglut)

Just showing off  my skill at handling cameras. Holding the camera the wrong way around, it is very easy to confuse the on/off button and the one to take a picture...
(The front of my t-shirt)

Our guests from Karlskrona enjoyed the rides, taking the opportunity to go on a few while the rest of us was drin..., eh, refreshing ourselves!
(Kara, Filey)

One of the 'games' (what the heck do you call them?) we competed in.
(Go back to the photos above to see who is who, I'm not typing that anymore :-p)

Just finished one of the 'games' and I thought it'd be nice with a picture where you could see more than my t-shirt...
(Grim is behind the camera and I'm number three from the left...)

Kana is enjoying a kebab and the rest of us are are enjoying watching her eating it. She's not impressed...

Filey to the left, and Flatline with his camera hidden from view.

Wooooo! A free ride, and it's fun too!
(Then again, they might be laughing because I pushed the wrong button on the camera at first. Again...)

After the 6 'games' we competed in was done, we lined up for the medalists picture.
Sprudleglut won (as usual ;-p), Mono came second and I came in third place!

Flatline wins a Toblerone from the 'wheel' in the background. He looks happier than a kid in a candy store!

Petal and Flatline team up to win some more chocolate! They even shared some with the rest of us!

A few other winnings and prizes. Look what a nice t-shirt Danbala is wearing! I wonder where she found that? ;-)

Fooooood!!!!!! Well, waiting for food anyway...

Aaw, aren't they cute?

But we are cuter!

All eaten and done for the evening!
Hugs, waves and see you again next year?

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September 2002