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Absolut Svenskt - A club for all the Swedes who enjoy the Discworld MUD and anyone else speaking/learning Swedish

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Anniversaries - My posts on the Frog and Fluff boards at my third and fifth anniversary

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Cohen versus the Basilisk - by Spacecowboy
Who is the alt of Airk anyway? (text file) - by a mysterious secret alt
Archived Scores Table  (text file) - Deleted players mainly
Kess of Sek (text file) - How not to do it (Kess, not me)

A very strange day, with strange bugs - by Airk
Sunscreen Grflx scale (text file) - by First

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In English:
I had the idea of creating a club for people from Sweden, and I discussed it with Iceman, Primus and Genesis. It took us some time to choose the name, but eventually we decided on Absolut Svenskt, and I created the club on the 14:th of July in 1999. The purpose of the club is for swedish people to be able to talk swedish and discuss swedish stuff on a separate channel. It is also meant for us to help each other with translation and spelling problems, planning mud meets and (of course) to have fun together!

In Swedish:
Jag kom på idén att göra en klubb bara för svenskar, vi är ju så många ändå och vi kan dra nytta av den. Jag bollade idén med främst Iceman, Primus och Genesis som tyckte det verkade bra. Det tog ett tag att komma på ett namn, men sedan bestämde vi oss för namnet Absolut Svenskt och jag skapade klubben den 14:de Juli 1999. Klubbens syfte är i första hand att vi skall kunna prata (skriva) på svenska, och kunna diskutera svenska saker. Dessutom att vi kan hjälpa varandra med stavnings- eller översättningsproblem, planera Mudmeets och helt enkelt bara ha kul! Övriga förslag på "aktiviteter" är välkomna!

För att bli medlem, kontakta en rekryterare. Det finns två sätt att kolla vilka det är. Antingen "finger absolut svenskt" på mudden eller gå in på muddens egen hemsida, välja 'Secure Pages' och logga in, samt klicka sedan på 'Club listings' och till sist på 'Absolut Svenskt'.

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London Mud Meet 2000:
On the 19-21 february 2000, I was in London and attended the UK Mud meet 2000, on world cabbage day. It was great meeting everyone and I had a fun weekend (unfortunately I was very tired coming into the weekend, so it could have been even better). As usual, I tend to forget to take photos, so it didn't turn out to be as many as I had hoped, but a few at least was suitable for viewing *grin*. My photos, and a few links to other pages with pictures from the meets in London, Seattle and Sydney, can be found by clicking here. A big thanks to Belcar for booking my room and to Dogbolter for picking me up at the airport.

London Mud Meet 2002:
The 10:th anniversary of the Discworld MUD in London, February 2002! Woo, it was great to meet new people, people from the meet 2 years ago and people I knew well but never met in RL before! It was especially fun to meet and hang out with far-away travellers such as Ceres (he's not scary in RL, just nice), Belle and Presto. :-) My fellow Gothenburgers were a comfort as well, when it  felt too crowded ;-) There really were a lot of us at this meet, and I tried to take photos of at least some of the people. If not for anything else but to bring proof of their existence. Unfortunately, when I handed the film in for development, they forgot that I wanted the photos on CD as well as paper, so I had to wrestle with the scanner again...

GothMeet 2002:
Our first 'bigger' meet in Gothenburg, on the 17-18 of August 2002. We were ten people, mainly from Sweden, having fun at the first ever GothMeet here in Gothenburg, Sweden!. We spent Friday in a pub and Saturday at the amusement park 'Liseberg'. Watch my pictures from Saturday.

London Mud Meet 2003:
Third meet in London! One more meet and I'm sure I'll be able to find my way from the hotel to the pub and back by myself. It was good to see old faces again and great to meet Rondros and Neraida for the first time, among other new faces. Making new friends is always fun and I hope I'll see you on the disc. I'd like to thank Kana whom I had as company when travelling, which was a really nice change, and Sprudleglut who had fixed our Gothmudders T-shirts, which were worn with pride. I didn't take any photos on Friday, but here are my pictures from Saturday.

GothMeet 2003:
The second meet in my hometown of Gothenburg took place on the 22-24 of August. Kana did a great job planning it all *huggles* and the participants made it all great! This year we doubled our numbers from last year and I'm especially happy that we got so many foreign people visiting us here in Sweden this year. I didn't take any photos this year, but a few other people did, like Kana, Danbala one, two and three, Wirble, Flatline and Waterrat.

London Mud Meet 2004:
My fourth time in London and this time we managed to get Flatline along, making us five GothMudders there! It was fun meeting all familiar face again as well as new faces to remember. As always you don't get time to talk as much to some people as you'd like, but that's just big meets for you. One of the most fun things was when me and Flatline "discovered" Furball *grin* Special hugs to Numia for the book and my first valentine card ;-)  Flatline has put together his and my pictures from the weekend right  here.

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Three years on the Discworld MUD!

On August 3:rd 2001 I had been playing for 3 years on the Discworld MUD, and I  thought it would be fun to post a little about my memories from the MUD. Below follows the 2 posts I made that day, one on the Frog board and one on the Fluff board.

Post from the FROG board:

Three years on this MUD! (Long)

I had not had access to the Internet for very long when I read an article about the Discworld MUD in an issue (16) of Discworld Monthly. It seemed fun and thought I'd try it out. On August 3:rd 1998 I typed in the address to the Discworld MUD, then found and started the Java-client. The following month I had to start paying the Internet bill myself...

I'd like to tell a little of what I remember from my early days, with the help of a few old notes that I was happy to find. My first thought was to be a wizard, but the name I wanted was already taken, so instead I chose another favourite name of mine, Airk, and became a mighty warrior! It was with great curiosity and suspense that I explored the newbie area, visiting every room and reading all the signs. I met Cru, the first player I saw, and found the brooch for the womble. Then I entered the portal and took my first shaking steps in the great city of Ankh-Morpork. I was just a lost newbie trying to find my way when a player named Dracula helped me get started with a little useful equipment.

The next two days I didn't log on my character, instead I visited the MUD's homepage, reading through the Player help files in the Online Documentation section. I wonder if that is normal... *grin* Airk joined the Warriors' Guild and started exploring AM a bit. I found a few quests, advanced and rearranged (all too early...). I met fellow warriors Reodge and Katashia *huggles* hanging out in the guild. My exploration of AM led me to find many funny and wondrous things, not to mention quests. I still have a few notes of things I don't know what to make of. I used to make lists of my kills too, although it got boring after 100 sailors or so…

Then I died a few times, left AM to explore the Sto Plains and died a few times more... After a run in with a certain elfish creature, I was resurrected by Procyon and found my first long-time friend. I met Grimfoot in the Hillshire area as we were both trying to solve the same problem. The both of us did a lot of walking back and forth before I finally begged a passing traveller called Beamstalk for a clue, explaining the situation. He had a good laugh and gave us a hint. I must also give many thanks and huggles to Scarlett, who put up with many questions and the occasional corpse-rescue during my younger days.

I advanced and became a tougher warrior while meeting nice people like Thoin, Genesis and Primus, which made me like this place even more. I remember being grouped with Lanfear once, which was very exciting for me then, but I was so lagged I could hardly do anything and did certainly not impress her very much. *grin* Those were "the good old days", when I fell off the Ramtops landing on Pica and went hunting in Gloomy with the old gang of Siel, Gunnlag and Eben. While on the subject of witches (not Eben, the other two... ;-p ), nothing has yet to match the number of kind and friendly witches I've met on here during the years. What that statement might do to that guilds reputation I'm not so sure though... *grin*

The last things I find in my old notes are a few names. Most are still familiar, although I wish I wrote more on how I met the likes of Borbarad, Aragon, Munchkin, Wix, Brunswick, Rude and Dlsss. I've met a lot of people after that, but this post is not meant to be a list of names (see Fluff for that). Choppy has to be mentioned though, because without his maps I've never would have enjoyed the MUD so much. He inspired me to eventually make my own maps, which led me to the creation of my own Discworld MUD page. Trying to keep the page updated after 2½ years is still fun, especially when you get thanks from other players.

Over the years I've tried out other guilds, like Belairk the wizard. This has made me see the variety that the MUD offers and has made it an even greater place. Although I enjoy other characters, the warrior Airk is still my main one. He passed 100 days old the other week, which was pretty fun  (Thanks for the present Pica, I'll try not to hit you over the head with it ;-p).

What has kept me logging on to this place? Meeting new/old friends, having no limit to advancing (no "end"), being able to choose how much I want to role play, the MUD not having too much to do with RL stuff (more nowadays though) and the fact that it's - you guessed it - fun! I hope a few of you managed to read through it all and that you enjoyed it, I had a great time writing it anyway. I guess I'm a bit too nostalgic... Finally, if anyone has any "special" memory of me from back then, I'd very much appreciate a mud mail or an email :-)

Good health and fluff to you all!

Airk/Belairk (Fredrik)

Post from the FLUFF board:

Three years of fluff!

I have played on this MUD for 3 years now (see my post on frog for more on this) and I've met tons of players and characters. I can neither remember nor name you all, but I am going to fluff a few of people for such things as help, advice, kindness, friendship, inspiration and/or cuteness. In no particular order, here goes:

"Absolut Svenskt" club members, Aenea, Aeson, Aiwendil, Akane, Aragon, Atalanta, Avon, Bremen, Braindeed, Brighid, Brunswick, Candlewhiff, Ceres, Chastity, Choppy, Conan, Creators in general, Criffs, Crush, Demonseed, Djenni, Djewel, Dlsss, Dogbolter, Dragonkin, Eben, Elaith, fellow Ugh-sayers, Genesis, Grim, grouping partners, Gunnlag, Hikarr, Ibblek, Iceman, Jakka, Jiffy, Kara, Katashia, Kreed, Lanfear, Lassan, Liaisons in particular, Lobo, Magpie, Morgoth, Myre, Nevvyn, Nif, Noda, OCDT, Petri, Pica, Pinkfish, Playtesters, Primus, Procyon, Pncessamy, Quala, Quece, Quintus, Ralph, Rhinehold, Rodion, Rondros, Rude, Rune, Sasquatch, Scarlett, Seima, Sekiri, Shara, Siel, Silke, Silvara, Skybly, Thoin, Tilly, Vesper, Warrax, Wix, Yukk and Ooops! the giant fruitbat.

Important information:
1. Some names may have been edited out for reasons of international security.
2. Mention of more than one char of any physical person is not intended. If so, please delete any multiple char.
3. Fluff to everyone who read through this and isn't mentioned :-)


Airk/Belairk (Fredrik)

Five years on the Discworld MUD!

Post from the FROG board:

5:th anniversary!


Five years ago I had no clue I would be here this long, but now I don't really see an end anytime. I will just have to see what happens with myself, the MUD and all the friends and people on here!

I've scraped together about 250 days with different characters during these five years. If you also count the time I've spent mapping or doing other things for my page or just daydreaming in school/at work, it sure has occupied a lot of time! The interest and motivation has always gone up and down, but that just makes it better sometimes :-)

I wouldn't have lasted so long if it wasn't for the fine community this place is. I think that having the Discworld books as a theme surely helps with that. The books have a big part of humour in them and hopefully that's the attitude most people bring with them to this place. If you haven't read the books yet, go do it!

So keep up the good work all creators and players and hope we can stay a great place through all kind of changes!

In other news:
My page isn't really 5 years yet, but I still changed and updated it a bit and it now has a new URL. You can reach it through the old URL as well as beam.to/airk though!

Airk says Ugh! - Posting on fluff when he sorts himself out ;-)

Post from the FLUFF board:

Fluffy 5 years!

Yesterday was my 5:th anniversary on the disc, so I'd like to fluff some people who kept me here this long and makes me want to to stay longer.

Huge fluffs to the Gothmudders and our extended family. It's great having many of you as RL friends as well and I look forward to seeing a lot of you at the Gothmeet in 3 weeks! :-)

Fluffs to rest of the gang on Absolut Svenskt, to my fellow warriors on the guild channel, to the dearie witches who've helped with lots of stuff, to the nice Pishe priest that have resurrected me, to the rest of the helpful people and friends and lastly to everyone who ever voted from me in the Oscrics!

Fluffs to old friends and "new" old friends, who've been here as long as me or even longer. I'd feel a lot older if you weren't still here! ;-) Also fluffs to new mudders that have become good friends and even raced past me in age in some cases. *winks at Mysteek*

Fluffs to creators who add new and fun things to the place, playtesters who help things come into the game and great liaisons who can help you with various things when needed! :-)

I thought about not doing a name list, seeing how embarrassing it is to forget a friend or so ;-p It's much to fun to make one though, so even if most people probably are mentioned above already, here it is. Fluffs to, among others, for reason even they might not be able to understand:

Aiwendil, Albertross, Astromutt, Avon, Belle, Braindeed, Bremen, Brunswick, Carino, Ceres, Choppy, Clurucan, Cold, Conan, Criffs, Danbala, Dasquian, Demonseed, Dirk, Dlsss, Dogbolter, Dragonkin, Ekko, Elera, Elessar, Empathy, Emrys, Feantur, Flatline, Flurble, Galadriel, Genesis, Grim, Gunnlag, Hikarr, Hurukan, Ibblek, Iceman, Ishnohiwa, Kana, Kara, Lanfear, Lucifer, Mental, Moloch, Mono, Mysteek, Neraida, Niagara, Nif, Noda, Numia, Petal, Pica, Pinkfish, Presto, Quala, Quatrocentro, Quece, Ranma, Reix, Rekeeuqs, Rhinehold, Rondros, Sasquatch, Scarlett, Sekiri, Shabree, Siel, Silvara, Sini, Spacecowboy, Sprudleglut, Squeeka, Taffyd, Thoin, Una, Valkyr, Vermillion, Warrax, Weiqi, Wool, Woom, Wyvyrn, Ximthea, Xythenium.

Airk says Ugh!

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GrapeApe tells you: my graph paper days are behind me if it wernt for people like you and choppy i dont think id be able to enjoy the disc like i do
JuJuBoori tells you: Just want to THANK YOU for your pages! Airk says Ughh! :-) Without them we'd be lost. (And I'm not even trying to be punny.)
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Xythenium tells you: Though goodness knows where I'd be without your map ;)
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Romez tells you: Your map of CWC enabled me to get myself into the snail and kill myself. Thanks alot :P

Belwar wisped: nice website airk...I'm using the map as we speak
Airk wisped that he smiles
Iyara wisped: Yep. Thanks :)
Belwar wisped: hehe :P
Runt wisped that she also thanks airk
Runt wisped: the maps of bp saved my life
Nethot wisped that she think that everyone should thank Airk!
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Mono wisped that he thanks Airk lots.
Lestat wisped: isn't every?
Belwar wisped: god point
Belwar wisped: *good
Mono wisped: Nah. The big one's only once a year. ;)
Lestat wisped: which date is that then?
Airk wisped: March 2004 is my 5:th anninersary of my maps, that would do ;-)

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Azraphael tells you: Thanks for your website, btw... I've found it very useful.
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[the falls] Wildchild: seeing as we're group I'll take this oportunity to say thanks airk, your pages are excellent, and I use them all the time
Argoth tells you: Grats on the 5 year anni :) I love yoru maps man :) Argoth huggles you.
Aifur the Barbarian goes "Ugh!" on the 5th anniversary at you.
Charm the Archangel tells you: oh yeah...and your website rocks

Belar le Amoureux tells you: Damn them maps are a lifesaver, thanks a lot for doing them
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LesPaulio tells you: i'm quite new to this (only been playing for about 3 weeks) but I thought I'd just thx so much for the maps you've made, they've been a great help
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Binksy tells you: Oh great site too ^_^ very useful'
Mist tells you: thank you for the maps by the way ^_^
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Slitwristz en Fuego tells you: Ive been using your maps for about 3 years now, and its about time I say that they are absolutly awsome! Thank-you so very much for them and for the incredible weapon list when it was up.
Enn tells you: Ooh, hi! You have some great maps :)
Artimas Quickfingers silently tells you: great site the maps are heaps good :)

This is the final update (26:th of June in 2004).  I've decided to stop for the moment, to see how many people really say it just to get on here with 50 alts :-p I might decided to add someone anyway, but that's my perogative...

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