This is not my most updated page, please let me know of errors or link suggestions. Note that I prefer not to link to pages with any kind of quest info. This includes revealing locations and maps of hidden areas. You'll have no problems finding these pages by yourself anyway :-p

I've divided the links into some categories:

Various pages - Lots of different stuff  (Some should probably be in the category below...)

Not updated in a while - Pages where I haven't seen any updating for long, but may still hold good info - or not

Book Pages - Links to pages about the books

For more Guild links, visit the Guild Guide.


Discworld MUD Homepage - The reason this page exists at all

Discworld MUD Links - Links reported by players. Might be more reliable than my links ;)

Discworld Hall of Shame - Pictures of our fellow friendly(?) mudders

The Osrics - The Oscars of the Discworld MUD, by Taffyd :-)

Skills Page, by Flatline - List of players' skills, bonus and more

Filey's page - Scoreboard: Rating, Guildlevel and more

Sleffies page - Look under Discworld in the left frame, the animated fights are great!

Acim / Caithness' page - Lots about skills, stats and bonuses

Ceres' page - Some interesting documents

Ekko's Armourarium - Lost of armour info

Moondog's page - Discworld MUD Armour

Zak's Guide to all things Gappic - Clothes, clothes and yet more clothes

Scooby's page - Skills and a Discworld Currency Converter

Topoke's page - List of players' skills and ratings (all numbers secret)

Guild of Thieves - The leaders of the Thieves' Guild own page

Priest Guild page by LaoTzu - Gods, rituals and more

Skyhigh's page - About 'Dark Delights', Skyhigh's player shop

Ptonk's page - Assassin, Wizard and Newbie info

Marzipan's page - About the Creator Collector Cards

Weapons' Guide - Brought to you by Nate the Warrior.

Ded's page - Commands list, Warrior and Wizards stuff etc.

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(Please correct me if I'm wrong)

Aifur's armour page
Callonis Armour Guide
Clarence de Q'ta, by Obilix
House of Genesis
Lanfear's page
Pagan's Hideout
Siel's page

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Discworld Monthly - A monthly newsletter about Terry Pratchett and his works
The L-Space Web - A Terry Pratchett / Discworld Web Site

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Airk - August 2004