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About - Airk? Discworld? MUD? What is this anyway...?
News - Changes/additions to my pages. I won't mention minor updates, which are made continously

News and information:

News Archive - News and changes on the Discworld MUD, including 'the Skills Cut' from 1999 and 'The Ûberdowngrape' from 2002.
General MUD Guide - Good for newbies and anyone else
Guide to the Guilds - A short introduction of the guilds and links to pages with more info.
Maps - A small mirror of my larger maps

--> The Warrior's Guild - My official Warrior site
--> Airk's Atlas - My official map site, at gothmudders.com/maps

Miscellaneous stuff:

My Characters - Mainly about Airk and Belairk
This and that - Some logs, posts, stuff about MUD Meets, your thanks and about the Swedish club "Absolut Svenskt".
Links - Not my most updated section. Feel free to report any errors or new links.

Old things:

Fighting Tree Change - Warrior Specilizations and the Fighting tree change in February 2004
Weapon Guide - Weapons before the changes on February 2004

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What is the Discworld?
'Discworld' is the name of the world where the humorous fantasy books by Terry Pratchett takes place. This site is not meant to infringe on any copyrights. It is a page about a non-profit MUD (Multi User Dungeon/Domain) based on the wonderful world that Terry Pratchett has created and populated in the Discworld books. He is one of my favourite authors and I'm happy to have "met" him when I've had some books signed, the two times he has been in Gothenburg at the "Swedish Annual Book and Comic Convention" (or whatever it might be called in English...)

What is a MUD?
MUD stands for Multi User Dungeon/Domain and is a text based environment. It is a community of people who plays/chats/roleplays/idles with their characters in a world made of text, based on a theme which in this case is the Discworld books. Thousands of rooms make up larger areas like cities and terrain. There are streets, houses, shops, banks and much, much more (look at my maps to see more). Moving, talking, fighting and everything else is done by typing the action. To visit the Discworld MUD, click here.

Who am I?
My name is Fredrik Larsson and I'm from Gothenburg in Sweden. I've been active on the Discworld MUD since August 1998. My first and main character is the warrior Airk. I have tried out all the guilds though, more or less, so I know a bit about most things. I don't mind taking a little of my time to answer questions when I'm online, as long as you take a little time to make sure you try your best at grammar and spelling. It is a text based medium after all and what you type is what you are. If you are near me I can also teach you skills and commands and/or help you to repair items.

About these pages!
Everything on my pages, unless specifically mentioned or obviously noticeable, is made by me alone. I have invested a lot of time since early 1999 to keep it updated and growing. Please do not copy/edit anything without asking me first, unless it's for strictly personal use.

Helping me out!
My pages have grown quite a bit since I first made them in april 1999. To keep all the parts updated today, I need your help. When you find an error on my pages, please let me know what and where. If it's about the maps, check that you are not referring to a hidden area as I prefer not to show those. Do not send me maps that you think I should put on my page. If you have a suggestion about making some kind of map (or something else), contact me first! Mud mail is preferred, but a tell works if I'm online. You could email me at airk (at) hotmail (dot) com too, but with all the spam email you'd better make sure the subject looks normal so I won't just throw it away.

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November 2005 - January 2006:
Updated where you can fix and repair, added more carriage stops to the "terrain" maps and added more roads and directions to A-M Surroundings and Klatch maps. Minor additions or editing of Warriors' Guild pages, Guild Guide page, General MUD Guide page and various maps.

September 2005:
The new Sto Lat map is up. Added a shop in Hillshire on the Sur map and updated the changed river in Bes Pelargic.

August 2005:
Musketeer spec added to the Warriors' Guild page
Lancre updated with realestate agency and player housing, Bleak Prospects added to SUR and docks updated in A-M.

May 2005:
Minor changes/additions as always. Special updates of the Uberwaldean area map and Ankh-Morpork map.

March 2005:
Minor changes/additions to most large maps and to the A-M Council, Lancre Highland Regiment and Hublandish Barbarian maps.
Added a few more warrior guild titles, partly updated iai in the warrior commands section, etc.

December 2004:
Small updates to A-M and CWC maps.
One or two new titles on Warrior Guild Title list.
New deaths for Airk on the character page :-(

November 2004:
Worked on maps of the terrains in the RAM domain.
Began hosting Ariston's Ankh-Morpork map and AtoZ index on my page.
Flatline coded a survey function for gothmudders.com that I started using on the maps page.

Late August 2004:
Updated the Guild Guide and the NEWS Archive with the Assassins' Guild specialisations and the introduction of Genua.
Added first map of Genua.
Updated the Ramtops with the new villages.

Early August 2004:
A new site design again! I made this change mostly because I wanted to move the maps to gothmudders.com, but also to make it easier to find stuff. Everything still links together, but is seperated into three sites: Main (this one), Warriors' Guild and Airk's Atlas (on maps.gothmudders.com).  "Main" has all the general information bits, "Warrior's Guild" has all the Warrior bits and "Airk's Atlas" has all the maps. I still have some maps on "Main" as well, as a sort of mirror for the larger maps. Overall there are small updates of all kinds of things on most of the pages.

May 2004:
The new Ramtops map is in.

March 2004:
5:th anniversary! March 1999 saw the first version of my page and my maps. Since then a whole lot of maps, updates and additions through the years has led to todays site! We'll see how long it lasts... ;) I'm not sure if anyone has used and enjoyed the for site that long, but please let me know if you have. Anniversary presents are welcome too, of course *grin*

February 29, 2004:
Added map of Djelibeybi.

February 10, 2004:
Added most of the new Warrior Guilds to the various maps.

February 8, 2004:
Started to changed the page to suit the changes, but I will need some some time, energy and motivation before I complete it.

December 2003:
Some odd weapons added to the weapon list, thanks to Langrisser.
Archived Scores Table added to logs.

Introduced  the latest version of my pages. I decided to skip the frames and make it possible for people to reach all pages from all pages, if you would end up any other page than the start page. The Warriors section is still under construction. If you encounter any problems with this new version of my pages, please let me know what they are.

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Airk - February 2006