Friday, at the Pool Place

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Carino aims, shoots and...

Note #63 by Carino posted at Tue Aug 17 13:58:45 2004
Title: "Pool (as promised)"

Results would be:

Round 1.

Carino beat Kana
Spudleglut beat Commando
Ukko beat Gin
Xythenium beat Airk
Glade beat Wirble
Flatline beat Mono
Danbala beat Petal

Round 2.

Carino beat Sprudleglut
Ukko beat Xythenium
Glade beat Flatline
Danbala gets a free pass

Round 3.

Danbala beat Carino
Glade beat Ukko


Glade beat Danbala

Carino Risagallo.

Sign of the times, I have Gothmeet in my mind.

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