Ariston's Map and AtoZ of Ankh-Morpork

Version 1.1.0 22 Nov 2004


This AtoZ owes its existence to the excellent work of Elessar. I have used the same grid as he did and brought the AtoZ up to date.
Player Guilds
Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard G7
Assassins' Guild F6
Fish (Priests) B5
Gapp's (Priests) F7
Gennie Applebottoms (Witches) G5
Guffnork's (Priests) G7
Hat's (Priests) H7
Sandelfon's (Priests) H6
Sek's (Priests) G7
Temple Of Small Gods (Priests) G7
Thieves' Guild G6
Unseen University (Wizards) H5
Weapon Masters Court J6
Other Guilds
Bankers' Guild F8
Blind IO (Temple) G7
Butchers' Guild G6
Embalmers' Guild G6
Merchants' Guild F7
Musicians' Guild F7
Philosopher's Guild I5
Shops and Stalls
Player Shops
Bird of Paradise Bank E8
Dark Delights E7
Fruitcakes on Filigree F6
Illuminated Teapot, The E6
Mystikal Magic E7
Porkchops H6
Regali Reali F7
Stabba's Bank E7
General Shops
Endless Street General Store C2
Elm Street General Shop B6
Filigree Street General Store F6
Holbrook's General Shop A7
J. R. Hartley's General Store D7
Run-Down Old Shop, The I6
Second Hand Shop H7
Biddle's Smithy and Metalware H7
High Quality Weapon Emporium C8
Kernab's weaponry store G9
Burleigh & Stronginthearm's Weapon Shop F6
Sartorn and Son Scabbard Store D9
Second Hand Weapons Shop D6
Smithy B7
Smithy D6
Spanky's Armoury E6
Weapon and Armour Shop C7
Weapon Masters' Court armoury I6
Well Stocked Armoury C8
Woo Hun Ling's Auriental Exotica and Martial Aids F7
Big Clothing Shop A7
Bligh Earcrusher's Exclusive Shop D3
Bolly's Boot Boutique H7
Chasuble Shop G7
Clothing Shop B6
Clothing Shop E8
Fur Shop F5
Jake Elwood's T-shirt shop B6
Jerdan and Hare, clothiers C2
Mrs Cosmopilite's Clothing House E7
Ripley's Custom Tabards H6
Scoonwinkle's Shoe Store I6
Second Hand Clothes Shop D9
Small Gods Vestments G7
Tailor's Shop C6
Special Clothing
Exclusive Hat Boutique A7
Keffel's Hats F4
High Life, The F4
Masqueparade F4
Pinky's Lingerie and Big Top Circus Supply Emporium G8
Wilma's Worlde of Whigges G8
Fred Sylver's J5
Grunefair Jewelled Ring Store C2
Madame Gumble's Jewellery B6
Millenia Starchild's occult jewellery H6
Moneytrap Exclusive Jewellers I7
Rendtnor's Jewellery Shop H6
Gift Shops
Bernita's Flower Shop H8
Card Shop E7
Ecksian Souvenir Shop E6
Radua Monev's Picture Shop C2
Shades Souvenir Shop B6
Souvenir Shop E4
Souvenir Shop A6
Novelty Shops
Bookstore E7
Fiddley's Music Shop F3
Glassmaking Shop E8
John Tetzel's Indulgences G7
Mrs. Corduroy's Stuffed Animals G3
Plaza Tobacconist's H6
Toomer Stationers F4
Ventriloquist's Shop G7
Won Rip Off Emporium C8
Bucket Shop F2
Emmaline Lamb's World of Baskets G5
Tom Boit's Box and Barrel Shop A3
Tools and Utilities
Master Nimbledrit's Shop of Crafting Equipment 8E
Olson Shinbiter's Iron Shop H4

Exciting Toy Shop D1
Toy Stall F4
Turn Off The Crystal Ball shop E6
Furniture Shops
Bedded Beauties Bed Shop H3
Bob's Backyard G5
Bommel's Livings E6
Coffee Table Shop E4
Head Of The Table G6
Iron Furniture Shop F4
Queen P's Wholesale Enticing Furniture G1
Twonky's Clocks D4
Home Improvement
Art Gallery E5
Locksmith's Shop H8
Musickal Poster Shop E4
Opera Poster Shop E4
Paint Shop E5
Tapestries On God's Collar E5
Magic Shops
Harmony Stardancer's Magical Shoppe G9
Krazzander's Magic Tricks F6
Krazzander's Magik Shoppe B6
Pet Shops
Big Bert's Anaconda Shop B5
Pet Shop F3
Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons E5
Miscellaneous Shops
Ankh-Morpork Apothecary E4
Argule Wibbley's Pottery Shop A5
Bologna Shop E7
Coffin Shop F8
Djinn's Famous Flying Carpets G4
"Get 'em while we still got 'em" Shop H6
Guild of Alchemists' Shop G5
Hurple's Towel Shop B5
Import Shop C4
Lolinda's Lovely Leather H9
Light Under Glass E5
Map Shop B8
Mr. D'abdry's Towel Shop I3
Pepper Pot I8
Quarry Bagel Shop B7
Rock Shop C7
Small Shop D4
Used Conch Shop B6
Battes ande Cattes F5
Sweets and Candy F5
Magic Stall on the Rimbank F5
Player Stall B5
Ankh-Morpork Council Offices E3
Butcher's Shop F6
Smiling Achmed's (closed) H3
Traveller's Inn, The B2
Bars, Restaurants, and Food
All Bar None F5
Bucket, The E6
Bunch Of Grapes, The D6
Crimson Leech, The D6
Hatchet and Entrail B6
Havlik's Dwarf Bar H6
Mended Drum, The F6
Pain in the Neck H6
Stoat and Onion G5
Troll's Head B5
Weapons Masters' Court bar J6
Groaning Platter Tavern, The F6
Rat-Hole, The I3
Wall View Tavern, The E2
Liquor Shops
Vino pour la Femme et le Homme F5
Wine Shop, The I5
Burgner's Coffee on the Maul H6
Celery Appleseed's Juice Bar E8
Costlee Coffee on Market Street H7
Guild of Alchemists Cafeteria G5
Mrs. Dimmles' Open-All-Hours Cafe C3
Somethynge-or-Other Licenced Caffe B8
Starbanks F5
Argle's Bakery F7
Arlof Eetmmot's Bakery H6
Dione Street Bakery H3
Jerziphal Prendar's Bakery F7
Confections De Confectionairre E5
Dessert Animals G8
Jenn & Barry's Ice Cream Parlour F4
Rosa's Chocolate Emporium E5
Sarahn's Sugar Supplies E5
Trioll Negurney's Cayke Shoppe H5
Ye Olde Ice Cream Parlour H5
All Jolson's Restaurant G6
Beggar's Boot Banquet D5
Curry Gardens E7
Flaming Cabbage E7
Golden Dragon H8
Happy Cabbage, The I8
Kart Kill Kafe B4
Le Cochon C4
Little Seriph's F9
McSweeney's Restaurant E7
Mended Pipe, The G6
Woonsocket's Delicatessen D2
Wun Phul Mouth's Hunghungese Restaurant C8

Bob's Fish Shoppe H8
Fresh Fruit on God F7
Fruit and Veg Shop C6
Grog's Groceries D2
Smithies and Tanneries
Baldwin's Smithy F6
Griffith Cwlyd's Tannery H6
Smithy B7
Tannery F4
Weapon Masters' Court Smithy J6
Jonas' Vault G2
Nella's Vault H6
Banks and Money Changers
Bing's First Bank G7
Bing's Guild Branch F8
Ephebian Embassy G7
Lancrastian Farmers Cooperative Bank G7
Money Changers F8
Money Changers C4
Post Offices
Post Office F7
Post Office Annex G2
Chester Copperpot's Tattoo Parlour A6
Escort Agency F6
Jorodin's Shop F7
Public Baths I3
Ankh-Morpork Lost Property Office G8
Ankh-Morpork Real Estate Agency F2
Embroidery Shop H7
Engraving Shop F8
Agatean-themed Classroom C8
Brother David's House Of Safety F8
Dunstan Tichenor's Travel Agency F8
Ideas Office G4
Keeble's Job Shop E7
Language Teaching Room G7
Laundry House C8
Passport Office I6
Printhouse F5
Retrophrenologist F5
Town Cryers G7
Translator H8
Veebeel's Fortune Telling Booth G8
Watchhouse F5
Wizard's Tent F8
Green Slab, The E6
Ankh-Morpork Daily, The E6
Notable Buildings
Number One Pseudopolis Yard F5
Backroom of Madame Dawning's Palliaments 5
Madame Dawning's Palliaments 4
Monsieur Rosset's Hairdressing Salon (Rosset) 1
Monsieur Rosset's Manicure Studio (Fifi) 2
Monsieur Rosset's Beauty Parlour (Gervais) 3
Patrician's Palace G6 Board K
Club Control Room B
Complaints Room C
Creator Application D
Equality Board J
Family Control Room A
Flame Board I
Fluff Board L
Killer's Den F
Neverwending Story G
Playtester Application E
Roger H
Milords and Miladies Pavilion H3
Seconds Department B
Benevolent Registry Gnd
Collars and Cuffs Mez
Mezzanine Menswear Mez
Suits You Mez
Milords & Miladies Bridal Salon 1st
Accessories 2nd
Floral Designs 2nd
Romance Room and Engraving 2nd
Stationery Shoppe 2nd
Chapel of Flowers 3rd
Pavilion Tearoom 3rd
Reception Salon 3rd
Rose Cottage 3rd
Magical Supplies Emporium H5
Brother Strumplott's Talismans 7
Darryl Spengler's Accessories 2
Emporium Tea Shoppe, The 1
Hobliet the Unnecessary's Linear Tools 6
Rebecca Palm's Clothing 3
Salter Rhogain's Legibles 4
Tarnach Fendertwins's 5
Flintwick Building I8
Business Card Shop 3
Dentists 1
Doctor 5
Perfume Shop 2
Solicitors' Lawyer's Office 4