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1. The maps currently load in the same browser window. Would you prefer they open in a new window?

Same window (113)  61%

New window (72)  39%

Total number of votes: 185
Survey started: 2004-11-27 18:45:00
Survey ended: 2004-12-04

My comment:
People might just be used to having it this way, but then again it's easy to make a link open in a new window. I'm happy though, can keep it as it is. ;-)

2. I don't generally show hidden stuff on my maps. Partly because I like to let people explore themselves and partly because much is quest related. I'm a bit curious about what you think...

I don't want any spoilers so I think it's perfect (29)   18%

It's fine (28)   17%

I would have liked to see hidden stuff (78)   48%

Not important to me, either way would work (26)   17%

Total number of votes: 161
Survey started: 2004-12-04 23:26:48
Survey ended: 2004-12-12

My comment:
I did expect the hidden category to win, but I'm happy to see it wasn't by more than this. I'd like to think the reason I was added to the MUD's own links in the first place was because of my policy, but I'm not sure.

3. Have you been to any mudmeets? I'll class a mudmeet as a somewhat planned event with at least one new or out of town guest, unless you are a large bunch.

I have many, many vague recollections of alcohol and strange foreigners / Lots of meets (26)   14%

A few (21)   12%

Just one (21)   12%

Just one, I'll avoid them now (0)   0%

No, I have no interest in meets (15)   8%

No, I'm too young (23)   13%

No, meets are too far away/can't afford (59)   32%

Meets? No way, mudders are scary! (17)   9%

Total number of votes: 182
Survey started: 2004-12-12 01:31:22
Survey ended: 2004-12-21

My comment:
I did underestimate the number of people that live too far away/can't afford, but I think they might want to look into arranging their owns meets! The result I am the most pleased with is that  "Just one, I'll avoid them now" got no votes at all, seems people do enjoy meets :-) Hope to see you in London!

4. Do you Mud during the holidays? Yule/Christmas and the New Year.

Yes, more than normal (90)   38%

Yes, less than normal (36)   15%

I just peek in to get a pressie (13)   6%

I try, but have limited access/time (21)   9%

No, I don't have access (2)   1%

No, I spend all time with my family and friends (12)   5%

Yes, same as any other days (62)   26%

Total number of votes: 236
Survey started: 2004-12-21 22:00:00
Survey ended: 2004-01-07

My comment:
I gave this survey a little more time, partly because people might not be on much during this time and partly because I was away for a while. Hopefully it was time enough to get a fair result. It's had the most participants so far at least.

5. Do you like to print the maps on paper or do you prefer to view them on the screen?

I print many maps (19)   10%

I print a few and view the rest on the screen (22)   12%

I never print (143)   78%

Total number of votes: 184
Survey started: 2005-01-08 00:00:00
Survey ended: 2005-01-22

My comment:
I was expecting lots of people not to print, but perhaps not this high ratio. Then again, it looks better if I look at numbers and not percentage. After all, the reason I ever started doing maps was for printing them.

6. Which melee skill type is your favourite? Think of the potential and what you like, not just how it works in the game.

Dagger (88)   29%

Sword (68)   22%

Heavy-sword (31)   10%

Axe (13)   4%

Mace (23)   8%

Flail (6)   2%

Polearm (35)   12%

Misc (13)   4%

I don't like melee (11)   4%

I prefer unarmed combat (15)   5%

Total number of votes: 303
Survey started: 2005-01-22 17:18:23
Survey ended: 2005-02-01

My comment:
I think people just voted on what they use now, but that's up to them. I use swords myself but voted for polearm since I think that has the most potential to be great. All melee weapon types has to have up's and down's to balance each other though, so no group can be ûber...

7. What do you think has the least chance of ever coming into the game?

Passengers on brooms for Witches (57)   16%

Warriors being able to break down doors (63)   18%

Staves with knobs on the end for Wizards (53)   15%

Priests being able to smite (52)   15%

City wide rooftops for Assassins (103)   29%

Thieves getting a mug command (27)   7%

Total number of votes: 355
Survey started: 2005-02-02 00:11:17
Survey ended: 2005-02-23

My comment:
Interesting results, especially "mug" becoming the most likely if you turn it around. We will see what the future holds!

8. How many characters do you have on the MUD?

Just one (132)   39%

Two of them (62)   18%

Three chars (76)   22%

4-6 chars (43)   13%

7-10 chars (13)   4%

More than 10 chars (14)   4%

Total number of votes: 340
Survey started: 2005-02-23 22:10:00
Survey ended: 2005-03-19

My comment:
That's quite many who has only one, but that might be good in some aspects. I wouldn't want to delete any of my minor chars even if I don't use them much though.

9. Who is your main character on the discworld? That is, which is the character you use the most?

My first ever character created (144)   40%

The second character I made (72)   20%

My third character (31)   9%

Fourth or later character (68)   19%

I can't choose a main one, honestly! (23)   6%

I keep idling out... (18)   6%

Total number of votes: 356
Survey started: 2005-03-19 12:01:23
Survey ended: 2005-04-12 12:01:23

My comment:
I would suspect that the reason that many people don't have their first char as main one is that it idled out at some point and they came back again. But of course some found that another guild was more fun than their first choice.

10. What's the longest you've been away from the MUD for? Assuming you came back...

A week at most (72)   18%

Closer to a month (36)   9%

A few months (72)   18%

About half a year (66)   16%

Around a year (90)   22%

Two years or longer (65)   17%

Total number of votes: 401
Survey started: 2005-05-16 23:00:00
Survey ended: 2005-06-18

My comment:
Woah, I did not expect that many people be have been away that long from Discworld and then make it back to us. It is nice to see that people can come back to us after a longer absence though.

11. In light of recent events, do you think creators should have more ways to "spy" on potential script/bug abusing players and to do it more often?

Yes, I have nothing to hide (124)   56%

Yes, it's a neccesary evil (51)   23%

No, it's an invasion of privacy (34)   15%

No, it's going too far (14)   6%

Total number of votes: 223
Survey started: 2005-06-18 20:00:00
Survey ended: 2005-07-06

My comment:
Seems to me that people do not like cheating and does not want anyone to get away with it.

12. Forget your characters. Are you male or female in real life?

Female (109)   27%

Male (299)   73%

Total number of votes: 408
Survey started: 2005-07-06 15:00:00
Survey ended: 2005-08-03

My comment:
With so much talk about who really is male or female behind both male and female characters, it's was an interesting question to make. Not sure what I expected, but I guess it looks believable enough.

13. Do you have any PK (playerkiller) characters?

All my characters are (25)   5%

My main character is (104)   20%

An alt or two are (104)   20%

None at all (290)   55%

Total number of votes: 523
Survey started: 2005-08-03 21:30:00
Survey ended: 2005-09-27

My comment:
The PK presence is smaller than the power they wield when it comes to game features/rules/mechanics.

14. Which part of the world are you from?

Africa (5)   1%

Asia (10)   2%

Australia (57)   13%

Europe (229)   53%

North America (135)   31%

South America (0)   0%

Total number of votes: 436
Survey started: 2005-09-27 23:30:00
Survey ended: 2005-11-05

My comment:
About what I expected.

15. What is the highest quest points you have with a character?

0-150 (269)   60%

151-300 (85)   19%

301-450 (42)   9%

451-600 (28)   6%

601-750 (17)   4%

751- (10)   2%

Total number of votes: 451
Survey started: 2005-11-05 18:21:00
Survey ended: 2006-01-11

My comment:
A sad sight. I wonder if there is a way to make quests appeal to more people without making it abuseable through quest lists.

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