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Kefka got my permissins to update my maps in 2006, go there for more up-to-date maps!


When I stopped mudding, my maps started to become inaccurate. That’s when Kefka contacted me and asked if he could update them. I happily gave permission for him to use my materials, update my maps and use my style. I just asked him to think about a thing or two and sent him anything that could help. There are some changes and additions to the maps, but that’s all well, Kefka needs to put his mark on the maps. I am still contactable if you have any requests or wonder anything about my maps.

Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the 7+ years I kept my maps online and updated!



The Maps - Maps and minor info divided by domains

Guide to the Maps - Map key, policy and a little history

Links - Links to other maps.

QUICK MAPS: Ankh-Morpork(me),  Ankh-Morpork and an A to Z index (Ariston), SUR:East, Sto Lat, Ramtops, Uberwald, Genua, Klatch, Bes Pelargic

Carriage stops maps, by Unslidge: Ankh-Morpork, All the rest

Not doing surveys now as I'm not actively playing. Visit the archive for old surveys and their results. Fluffs to my fellow Gothmudder Flatline for helping out lots :-)


Look at the large maps and/or print out the A4 maps. Note that the printable A4 maps can be either portrait or landscape. If you are unsure which, you can have a look with "print preview" in your browser. The maps are divided into the areas that corresponds with the different creator Domains that you find on the Discworld MUD. Guild and building maps may be smaller or larger than A4. Also, see the links section at the bottom for some links to maps that I either haven't had time to do or don't intend to do (at the moment).


The sprawling city of Ankh-Morpork lies on the Sto Plains. Here is a large map of A-M. To print out A4 maps, open the large map in a picture viewer, select print in the menu and choose to print only page one. Then rotate 90 degress and print only page one again. Repeat until you have 4 papers (the whole map). There is a seperate map to see the underdocks and the river Ankh.

I also present Ariston's map of Ankh-Morpork, along with his AtoZ index which you can use to find streets and places in A-M. His map is larger than mine and has more details, including all the terrains areas. I'm also happy to present a Carriage stop map by Unslidge.

Player guilds: Ankh-Morpork Palace Guards', Temple of Small Gods, Pishe Gardens, Other Temples, Weapon Masters' Court

Other guilds: Alchemists' Guild, Bankers' Guild, Guild of Butchers, Guild of Merchants, Guild of Plumbers and Dunnykindivers, Musicians' Guild

Other buildings: Ankh-Morpork Council, Apex Club, the Dysk area, Flintwick Building, Patrician's Palace Phedre Road Shops, Pseudopolis Yard Shops, Pseudopolis Yard Watch House


Surroundings is the area that surrounds Ankh-Morpork and stretches to the Ramtops in the east and Klatch in the west. The area is mostly made up of terrain, but with lost of cities and villages. Here is the Circle Sea area map that Pinkfish based the terrains on. My own map is a simple A4 overview map which concentrates on showing the villages and places between A-M and the Ramtops.

One of the larger cities on the Sto Plains is Sto Lat, also an A4 map.


The Ramtops area encompasses Ohulan Cutash, Lancre, the Ramtop Mountains, Uberwald and lots of mountains. Here is Ruin's RAM terrains map which the area is based on. I have made a map that will help you find villages and how to navigate between them. It is a support map and that's the idea of it, the important thing is to show what the villages looks like and the path between them. Here is the Lancre map in full. The map will fit nicely on 2 papers and overlap a little if you print page 1 and then flip the map 180 degrees and print page 1 again (make sure it's set to print horisontal). For BlackGlass, Uberwald and what is east (this map is not finished yet) here's Uberwald and eastwards, not that printer friendly yet.

Clover's map is not up-to-date with the terrains, but still offers a 'witchy' view of the Ramtops area.

Player guilds: Barbarian Camps, Hunters, Lancre Highland Regiment


The port city of Genua located in the Vieux delta is also called the Diamond City. See this map, which is a little too big for one A4, but print page 1 and rotate 180 degrees and print page 1 again to get two papers that will cover each other nicely.

Genua buildings: Barracks

The little village of Bois lies close to Genua, in the middle of the forest.


Klatch is big and has lots of sand! Klatchians here, Ephebians there and D'regs all over the desert. Here is an A4 map of the city of Djelibeybiand a little of it's surroundings.

Djelibeybi buildings: Djelian Guards', Djelibeybi Palace/Klatchian Council, Hashishim Inhumation Office(**Spoiler**), Klatchian Foreign Legion, Temples in Djelibeybi


The Counter Weight Continent is far from the Circle Sea region and has a culture much different. Here is large map of the harbour city of Bes Pelargic. I also have A4 maps of the West Bes Pelargic and East Bes Pelargic. If you want to swim in Tuna Bay this map shows just the bay and the places to get in/out of it.

Bes Pelargic buildings: Hall of Records, Imperial Guards, Language Institute, Samurai & Dojo, Temples in Bes Pelargic


Here are maps that don't fit in well in any other category. Like the Newbie Area where we all have to start out and the Brown Islands which is the landing point when travelling between the Circle Sea Region and the Counter Weight Continent.

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Services (orange) include shops where you order items and rooms with things you can use in some way. Note that different combinations of colors and pictures mean different things, e.g. cutlery means restaurant on a red background and a shop (with knives/forks/etc.) on a green background. A smithy icon on a green background means it's both a shop and a smithy, but on orange it's just a smithy. The icon for 'Furniture' means that the shop sell items that are mostly useable with player housing.


I like to explore and find things, but I also like having a map to show me the large bits. My maps does just that. Most hidden rooms and areas are related to quests so I don't want to put them on my maps anyway. I also don't see a reason to show every indoor room there is or the name of every pub. Anyone can just stop by a place and have a look at it or inside it!

If you find places that are not on my maps or looks wrong,  please let me know so I can keep the maps updated. I will explore and map them myself, but with the size of the Disc today a point in the right direction would be appreciated. I'd prefer a mudmail, but a tell or an email at airk (at) hotmail (dot) com might work. Just remember that I only show obvious exits on my maps (with very few exceptions).  If you have suggestions for new icons or other map improvements, feel free to let me know of that as well, I might even agree...


A big thanks to Choppy for the great maps page he created. That page had it all, except one thing - the maps were difficult to print out on paper. That's why I began making maps that were printable on regular A4, for my own use. I used Choppy's maps when making my own and I thank him for the hard and dedicated work he put into them. When I decided to make a page about the Discworld MUD on the net, I thought I'd add my maps to it. I mailed Choppy and he said it was OK as long as I gave him credit.

That was in spring 1999 and since then I've made a lot of changes. One of the first things were to start from scratch and build the maps with a set of building blocks I created in MS Paint - I wanted to have made everything myself and have full control. Over the years I've changed the "icon" system I use, added streetnames to the maps and written much more about the shops and houses on the maps, trying not to make it too cluttered up in the process. The icons are only 8x8 pixels (including the frame), and I'm pretty much stuck at coming up with new one's, so names will do for now.

When the MUD decided that outdoor rooms should be the same size, I was very happy and it made my mapping much easier. Many areas were re-done and I had to edit or make new maps, so I went for a more smooth street look in the new maps and revised a little of the icon and colour system. The addition of the quick links at the top makes it easier for people to access the large maps, while I may use the "Full Map list" to write more about the areas. Then we (the GothMudders) got the www.gothmudders.com domain and I wanted to do some changes and add some maps before I moved here, so this is it!

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I'd prefer to have everything mapped myself, but it's sometimes silly to go into too much effort when there are other maps out there. I don't want to link to pages with maps of hidden areas or with quest info, but I might bend the rules a tiny bit about showing a hidden exit or two. This section won't ever be big, but hopefully useful. I'll remove a link if I ever do my own map of it instead.

Street Finder:
Shamrock's Street Finder - Find streets in the larget towns. Based on my own maps with permission to Shamrock.


Guild of Thieves - Maps of all the Thief Guilds houses under 'guilds'
Maelin's Assassins' Guild Map - Map of the Ankh-Morpork Branch

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Airk - May 2005 - Year Seven