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Note #65 by Ceres at Sun Feb 8 19:51:45 2004 on board frog

On Sun Feb 8 19:19:47 2004, Dishrag wrote:
> Anyone care to explain just what this does, or how it affects things?

I updated 'help teach'.

The cost to teach is based on the average of the teachers skill in the skill being taught and their skill in the appropriate teaching skill.

Thus a less skilled player with a high teaching skill can be cheaper to learn from than a more highly skilled player with less teaching skill.

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> help teach

teach                                             Discworld player help                                            teach

     teach - teach things to other players

     teach <skill|n levels of skill|command> to <person(s)>
     teach me <skill|n levels of skill|command> from <person(s)>

     This command allows you to teach a command or skill to another player.  In the case of commands the person
     doing the teaching needs to be experienced enough in the skill to teach it, and the person being taught also
     needs to be experienced enough to learn the skill.

     In the case of skills the person doing the teaching needs to be of a higher bonus than the person being
     taught.  The cost in experience to the teachee is based on the relative bonus of the person teaching, in both
     the skill being taught and the relevant other.teaching skill, and the bonus of the person being taught.

     If the person you are trying to learn from has 'auto teach' turned on then you can learn skills from them
     directly without them having to 'teach' you.   Use the 'options' command to toggle 'auto teach' on  and off.

     > teach judge to khaos
     You teach judge to Khaos.
     > teach fix to bil
     Bil is not high enough level to learn fix.
     > teach 1 level of fighting to bil
     You offer to teach bil 1 level of fighting for 7000 xp.
     > teach me other.fluff from lanfear
     Lanfear offers to teach you 1 level of other.fluff for 753 xp.
     Use "learn" to learn the skill.
     > options personal auto teach = on
     Set option personal auto teach to on.

See also
     commands, learn, options

> help learn

learn                                             Discworld player help                                            learn

     learn - Learn skills from someone.

     learn <skill> from <person>

     This enables you to learn a skill that a person has offered to teach  you.  You can also teach yourself a
     skill but this is much more expensive than getting someone else to teach you.  To teach yourself a skill you
     learn a skill from yourself.

     > learn fighting from pinkfish
     You learn 2 levels of fighting from Pinkfish for 5000 xp.

See also
     skills, teach.

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